State-of-the-Art practice offers top cosmetic, reconstructive options

Most of us have things we wish we could change about our appearance. Maybe it’s a crooked nose, or old acne scars, or the inevitable wrinkles and sagging. Or, perhaps it’s a serious medical issue, such as breast reconstruction, or post-trauma surgery to restore appearance or function.

Whatever your concern, pēko aesthetics, the office of award-winning plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Peter Koltz, is northwest Ohio’s newest home for enhancements, rejuvenations and restorations.

Located in the Franklin Park area, the office offers consultations, aesthetician services and skincare products. Surgeries, which include a comprehensive range of procedures from facelifts to groundbreaking breast reconstruction techniques, are performed at St. Luke’s Hospital, in a warm and private community setting.

Specialized skills unique to the region

A native son, Dr. Koltz grew up in Maumee and returned to practice in the region following specialized training in New York and Philadelphia. He brought home over a decade of medical training, including the ability to perform leading-edge, big-city plastic and reconstructive surgical techniques that were previously not available in this area.

At the world-renowned University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Koltz trained in microvascular surgery techniques that allow lives to be restored in the most natural way possible. These advanced reconstructive procedures benefit patients with breast cancer, devastating extremity trauma or cancers, challenging head and neck problems, and a variety of pediatric conditions.

One microsurgery technique—autologous breast reconstruction—reconstructs the breast using tissue from another part of the body. When nerve endings and blood vessels are reconnected, the patient begins to regain feeling in the area, promoting a sense of wholeness and well-being. Patients also experience less pain and shorter recovery times after surgery. Beyond that, the technique minimizes complications at the site where the tissue originated.

“The key is to be able to offer patients the best surgical option for them,” Dr. Koltz said. “My goal for every patient I see is to provide them a reconstruction that will allow them to return to the things that they like to do as quickly as possible with the best aesthetic result. Whether performing DIEP flap breast reconstruction, implant breast reconstruction, extremity salvage, or reconstructing the head and neck following cancer or trauma, my goal is to individualize the reconstruction to every patient.”

Dr. Koltz is able to do this by offering a full breadth of options for reconstructions, ranging from common techniques to leading edge procedures.

“The beauty of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery as a surgical subspecialty is the ability to tailor every patient’s plan to their specific situation and return them to what they love to do. It is important to me to be able to offer all options safely and efficiently to accomplish this goal,” Dr. Koltz said.

Personalized options to meet your goals

The philosophy of tailoring plans to meet patients’ specific goals extends to all facets of pēko aesthetics. There are many different kinds of surgical lifts, for example, from facelifts to skin tightening after weight loss.

Beyond surgery, the options are ever-expanding. The first step to healthy, beautiful skin, for example, is proper daily maintenance with quality skin care products, which are personally evaluated by Dr. Koltz for their effectiveness and available in the pēko aesthetics office. In addition, the practice offers a complete range of other nonsurgical options, from facial peels to cosmetic injectables like Botox® and Juvederm®. These solutions can dramatically freshen your appearance, generally require little downtime, and can be performed right in the office.

“The thing I love about what I do is the ability to be able to use my two hands to change a person’s life,” Dr. Koltz said. “Patients come to me with a problem, be it cosmetic or reconstructive, and with my hands, I’m able to help them. I’m able to change their lives in a relatively short period of time.”

Dr. Koltz and pēko aesthetics can be reached at 567.408.7356.

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