Highly skilled Family Medicine Residents, provide the latest advances in medical care

People think about their health a lot. They subscribe to the latest miracle cures and pay for unused health club memberships.  While they’re looking for a quick fix, they often overlook a simple step with more impact over their health than dozens of fads put together: getting care from a family physician at the St. Luke’s Family Medicine Center.

To some people, the idea of seeing a family physician might seem outdated, but it’s timeless, built on long-term relationships and on preventing problems before anyone—the patient or their loved ones—gets sick at all.

The data bears this out: patients who receive primary care from a family physician are significantly less likely to need outpatient care, be hospitalized, or go to the ER. The care that family physicians provide is collaborative, continuous, comprehensive and community-based.

Family physicians achieve better outcomes in a variety of ways, but the most important is that they provide long-term care over years and decades.  Over those years, the physician gets to know the patient and the patient gets to know the physician.

That means the doctor is more likely to notice changes in a patient, or, connect two health events, even if they were years apart.

It also means that the patient will feel more comfortable talking openly to their physician about their health concerns.

Put those two things together, and you have a formula for better health.

At a family medicine residency like the one at St. Luke’s, patients get more than the benefits of a relationship with their doctor. Patients receive care based on the best medical evidence. They also receive care that has been certified by a national accrediting body and reflects the latest advancements in the field.

“A family medicine residency like ours represents a terrific opportunity for patients to get the benefit of primary care in a region where there is a shortage of physicians in this specialty,” said Louito Edje, MD, MHPE, FAAFP, program director of the St. Luke’s Family Medicine Residency.  “Our patients know that residents are doctors—medical school graduates—who are training to be family physicians.  Our residents work under the supervision of board-certified doctors and patients receive the highest level of care.”

St. Luke’s Family Medicine Center offers an additional feature that you would expect from an organization that prides itself on providing “health, plus care”:  in-house behavioral health and social work specialists who are available to come into exam rooms with patients to be sure that all aspects of their health and life are being addressed.

“Many people ask about what happens when the resident finishes their program and moves on,” Dr. Edje said.  “First of all, nearly two-thirds of them will stay here in this community and their patients can join them at their new practice.  For those who do not stay, their patients will stay on the panel of the supervising physician to ensure continuity of care.”

Primary care from a family medical specialist is something no one should be without, whether they are two years old or 90 years old.  To become a patient at the St. Luke’s Family Medicine Center, located in Perrysburg near Levis Commons, call 419.873.6836.

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