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Employee Spotlight

Courtesy to Patients

Tom Zuver
Physical Therapist
Rehab Services
Kristy Kohlman
Rehab Services

A high school tennis player who had just finished treatment in the Rehab Services Department arrived at the clinic on the day of her tournament with exacerbated symptoms. Because of her pain, the patient was incredibly concerned about her ability to play that day. Tom used his clinical skills to address her symptoms, which effectively reduced her pain and boosted her confidence in her ability to play tennis later that day.

During her treatment, the patient revealed that in addition to her pain, her favorite necklace had become tangled and was unable to be worn. This necklace was very important to her because it had been given to her by a teammate’s mother who had passed from cancer and it had become the patient’s lucky charm. While the patient was finishing her treatment, Tom and Kristy took the time to tediously untangle the necklace. The patient was ecstatic that she would be able to wear it to her match. Thanks to Tom and Kristy, the patient left the clinic receiving patient-centered care with compassion, staples of St. Luke’s Mission.

Courtesy to Visitors

Beth Simon, RN
Staff Nurse
Family Birthing Center

Because of her quick actions, Beth was able to aide in saving the life of a child. While walking in the hallway, she witnessed a toddler walking with his grandfather. Suddenly, the boy began to choke on a Cheerio. The grandfather attempted to help the toddler without success. Thankfully, Beth rushed to them and quickly performed rescue measures. The Cheerio popped out and the little boy was safe. However, he clearly was not happy that the stranger was pounding on his back!

Courtesy to Fellow Employees

Teri Thomas
Registered Sonographer

After overhearing a conversation in the hallway, Teri gave a family an experience they won’t soon forget. One day, Teri heard a co-worker from Environmental Services mention that she would love to take her grandchildren to the Toledo Zoo, however, she couldn’t afford it.  Without hesitation, Teri purchased a Zoo membership for her fellow employee. St. Luke’s is very fortunate to have kind, compassionate people like Teri on our team.

Courtesy to Medical Staff

Matt Oster
Environmental Services Specialist II
Environmental Services

On several occasions, Matt assisted fellow staff members in the Cath lab without hesitation. During an extremely demanding night in the Heart and Vascular Center, the team was finishing up with their first patient when another STEMI ALERT was paged overhead. Matt recognized that the team was still attending to their first patient and stood by to assist the team with room turnover and prep. This is not the first time Matt has gone out of his way to assist the busy staff. On most nights when he is working, if a STEMI page goes out, Matt ensures that the room is ready and open for the team to begin work. Because of his actions, Matt has given valuable time to patients who are in a situation where every minute counts.

Care, Plus More

Please join us in recognizing these associates for character, compassion and courtesy.

Shawn Powell, RN

“Shawn has a great way of tackling any situation that comes his way. He will do whatever he can to make sure patients are comfortable and safe, whether that’s education prior to discharge, or extra care for a patient in distress.”
Kelly Foster, RN

“When I had hip surgery, Kelly helped me manage my pain. She changed my sheets, put a clean gown on me, said she would be back to check on me—and she did! Kelly is the most compassionate and caring nurse I have ever had.”